For decades, the North Korean government has not protected the property and safety of its people, but rather suppressed and controlled them.

For this reason, North Koreans have lost a very normal life with freedom and human rights. As a result, there are people fleeing North Korea today to find a decent human life. Although the North Koreans risked their lives to escape surveillance by the North Korean government and the Chinese government, there are not many North Korean refugees coming to South Korea where freedom and human rights are guaranteed.

Still, there are North Korean refugees who are forced to return to North Korea, and more than 100,000 North Korean refugees are living with an uncertain future with their human rights violated in China and Russia.


1. So that North Korean refugees living in China and Russia can restore their human rights (the right to live like a human being).

North Korea refugees living in China(mainly women) are without nationality and are mostly hiding in rural areas after forced marriages.

North Korea refugees living in Russia(mostly men) are living without nationality, and living without a proper meal in rural areas beyond the reach of people. Therefore, we should be able to simply have the dignity and minimum rights(food, clothing, shelter) of human beings without a variety of external factors, such as religion, politics, culture, etc.

2. Provide equal opportunities (education, medical care)

Since most North Korean refugees do not have a nationality, they cannot get any education or economic benefits to improve the quality of their lives. Even if they are sick, they cannot go to the hospital because of its high cost, so they are very vulnerable.

We must provide them with equal opportunities, so that they can plan their future and dreams themselves and not live the life where they were born into slavery.

3. Hope and restoration from despair, sadness, and frustration.

North Koreans cannot have human dignity and human rights just because they were born in North Korea. Every part of their personal life is exposed to control and surveillance.

For the basic rights of human beings, we need to give hope to North Korean refugees who are determined to come to South Korea in order to fulfill their dreams.

4. Not my dream, but a dream for everyone

By rescuing, life is restored and individual dreams are fulfilled. The personal success of North Korean refugees leads to the success of a country, and thus to the success of the international community.


North Korean refugees are mostly babies, preschoolers, and women, and are mostly in the vulnerable social group. Before coming to Korea, we travel thousands of kilometers through a third country without enough rest.

The physical and immune systems of these vulnerable groups are significantly reduced while on the move. And the reality is that they are not getting enough nourishment. If they don’t get basic nutrition’s, they become vulnerable to all kinds of diseases.

In fact, there are North Korean refugees who are suffering from diseases while on the move. Therefore, immediate nutrition and appropriate medical supplies should be provided to North Korean refugees. Because the distance the North Korean refugees travel is very long, they need a place to stay and rest. These places are temporary shelters for North Korean refugees to safely evacuate to.

NKR provides actual relief such as nutrition, medicine and temporary housing for North Korean refugees.