19 years old

Dec 1st, 2017

My mother first fled North Korea when I was 12 years old. My father disappeared shortly after I was born. I grew up wandering around my relatives' house. I've been hiding in tears. I hated my mom and dad, too.

I wasn’t able to go to school for family reasons. I have been living like a kotjebi since last year, because even my relatives disapproved of me. Then my aunt who I have lost contact with visited me.

She have got in contact with my mother who was in Korea. And then I was asked to follow my aunt to where my mother was. Until now I didn’t know why I had to live for tomorrow.

I can’t believe I came to China, but I still can’t believe I’m going to Korea. I just can’t wait to see my mother. I want to live with my family. Thank you very much for your help....

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