Rest House

North Korean refugees are mostly babies, preschoolers, and women, and are mostly in the vulnerable social group. Before coming to Korea, we travel thousands of kilometers through a third country without enough rest. The physical and immune systems of these vulnerable groups are significantly reduced while on the move. And the reality is that they are not getting enough nourishment. If they don’t get basic nutrition’s, they become vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. In fact, there are North Korean refugees who are suffering from diseases while on the move. Therefore, immediate nutrition and appropriate medical supplies should be provided to North Korean refugees. Because the distance the North Korean refugees travel is very long, they need a place to stay and rest. These places are temporary shelters for North Korean refugees to safely evacuate to. NKR provides actual relief such as nutrition, medicine and temporary housing for North Korean refugees.

Emergency Relief

NKR is an organization involved in the rescue of and aid for the North Korean refugees in the third world countries and their families. We also raise funds for emergency relief for emergent circumstances for the North Korean refugees and their families. The entire donation raised is used in NKR Emergency Relief Funds.