Provide equal opportunities

Since most North Korean refugees Who live in third country do not have a nationality, they cannot get any education or economic benefits to improve the quality of their lives. Even if they are sick, they cannot go to the hospital because of its high cost, so they are very vulnerable.

We must provide them with equal opportunities, so that they can plan their future and dreams themselves and not live the life where they were born into slavery.

North Korean Missionary School

The North Korean Missionary School is made for those who say, "I don't seem to know much about North Korea," "I don't know how to pray for them." It covers not only the understanding of North Korea's social, cultural, economic, and political diplomacy but also the role of young North Korean refugees, religion, and human rights of North Koreans, practical preparation for reunified Korea, the understanding and practice of North Korean refugee's ministry.

Online mentoring and scholarships

We provide online mentoring and scholarships for children of North Korean refugees.

Medical aid

We provide medical assistance to North Korean refugees who cannot go to the hospital even if they are sick from poor living conditions.

Small business support

Life gets more complicated in the third country, where languages and cultures are entirely different. North Korean refugees cannot communicate and could not find any work to earn for living. NKR provides small business support to North Korean refugees who are slowly learning the language and trying to stand up on their own feet in a new world.


J-House is a support center for North Korean orphans. J-House protects and supports orphans whose mother has been trafficked into a third country or repatriated to North Korea, leaving the orphans in a third country without their father's care.