In accordance with the values and spirit of Christianity, we pursue honest management without shame or concealment in front of God and our sponsors.

All information of the sponsor shall be obtained honestly, recorded and managed safely.

Do not use the sponsor's personal information for other purposes or divulge it to others without prior consent.

The sponsor has the right to know the results of the use of the funding and may request disclosure.

Listen to the opinions of the sponsors with an open mind and ensure the rights of the sponsors.

Care shall be taken to prevent complaints from sponsors in advance and measures shall be developed and improved actively to prevent the recurrence of the same complaints.

The use of the funding’s should first be consistent with the purpose of the sponsorship and the results of the use shall be disclosed.

An accurate description of the purpose of the use of the funding’s should be made and an appropriate balance between income and expenditure should be made.

Recipients who receive the funding should be selected in accordance with fair procedures.

Funding’s shall not be lost, wasted or improperly distributed.


Stakeholders (donors and ordinary citizens) will be clearly informed of all activities such as the organization's business progress, evaluation and communication, and will disclose information of the financial management and share cases.

Report the expenses related to the utilization, distribution, and fundraising of the funds accurately and intelligibly to the agency's website or issued data to maintain transparency in management.

Once a year, the government shall conduct an accounting audit through external professional accounting firms and internal audit on its own to enhance transparency in financial and management.

The use of an asset should not, in any case, be permitted and neglected without proper regulation.

Imports shall be used as direct expenses to implement the objectives of the Organization, a certain amount of income shall be used for administrative costs for the management and operation of the Organization, and all costs for administration shall be carried out on a reasonable basis.

Cooperating with law-abiding agencies to ensure transparency in organizational operations and not with institutions that are socially criticized.


It takes the initiative in complying with social ethics and morals and follows all local laws, domestic laws, international laws, regulations and standards.

Preparation of financial statements based on criteria and conducting external audits – In accordance with Article 3 of the Act on External Audit, general audit criteria (K-GAAP, K-IFRS) are followed to ensure compliance with the ethical requirements of laws and rules and to provide reasonable assurance of financial statements.

Internal audit is conducted - In addition to compliance with financial and operational management regulations, inspection of irregularities and errors, and review of the execution of business expenses suitable for the purpose of funding, we identify and correct unreasonable factors that result in losses in business performance. Also, auditors consisting of corporate auditors conduct mid-term and final audits to ensure transparency in the areas of fundraising, business and operation.

Share annual report and business report - Management and evaluation details of business operation are shared through annual report and report on business results by target businesses.