Report I: Fundraising for Ms. Su-jung Kim

Dec 9, 2020

[NKR_Relief_Report]Thank you so much for saving Su jeong's mothe

[Emergency medical relief funds for North Korean Citizens]
Report I: Fundraising for Ms. Su-jung Kim
Dear partners!
 I am a missionary Kenneth Bae.
We’d like to express our deep gratitude to all of you who praying and making a donation for Ms. Kim.
With your warm hearts, we can achieve our fundraising goal to release an emergency medical relief fund to Ms.Kim’s mother.  The raised money has been delivered to Ms. Kim’s father who has cared for her mother in North Korea.

We really appreciate your support to lift up Ms.Kim’s burden and encourage her to persist in this hard situation. She has been encouraged by all of your love and she can continue to pursue to achieve her dream. She can take another step for her future.
We are sure that God continuously leads her in His way and He shows His unfailing love through your supports.
[Emergency medical relief fund for NK refugees residing in the third country.]
Report II: Fundraising for Sister Chun Haw Jung.

I also appreciate your prayers and financial supports for Ms.Jung. we were able to reach our fundraising goal for medical care costs to treat Ms. Jung’s husband who has been diagnosed with pulmonary emphysema. All the fund has been delivered to Ms. Jung who taking care of not only her sick husband but also her children. Thank you so much for being a helper to our sister Jung’s family..
I’d like to ask you to pray for her family’s restoration not only in a physical way but also a spiritual way. We will follow up on her husband’s recovery or any result and we will share it with you.
I’d like to thank you again.
Missionary Kenneth Bae, NGI 
North Korea Relief