It is my first time to get mail in my name ever!🎄

Dec 9, 2020

[NKR] Dear $%name%$, please give a warm Christmas to Jung-sun

Dear partners, I am a Missionary Kenneth Bae.
I would like to thank you for your partnership with us sponsoring NK refugees with sincere prayer and financial support! I pray for you to end this year full of joy and peace in Jesus Christ
This Christmas will be freezing as usual.

#1 Yang-soon (42 yr)
For Yangsoon’s family, who earns only less than $80-90per month, a Christmas gift is a dream. During cold winter, it is hard for Yang-soon and her other four family members to sustain the winter with only one blanket, or even purchase a pair of warm underclothes, let alone heating.
#2 Jung-sun(33 yr)
 "I am deeply grateful for the Christmas gift that Jesus crucified for me "  
When Jung-sun was 18, she was trafficked to a disabled husband, whose face and name she didn’t even know. For 15 years living in C country, she gave birth to two children, was in danger of being repatriated to the North several times. Still, by God’s favor, she was not repatriated. She wrestled with life harshly for many years to the point she even has forgotten her own birthday. For the first time in her life, she received a Christmas gift, on which her name was written, through NKR. It was something she could not even imagine before.
 “It is my first time to get mail in my name ever.”
She expressed how touching the moment when she received the Christmas gift from NKR.
"Thank you so much for providing us warm underclothes, school supplies for my child, which I couldn’t afford to buy, and a textbook to teach my child Korean better as a gift! "

▲Click above to watch Christmas campaign video! ▲  

The gift package🎁 for this Christmas🎄
About 100,000 NK refugees are living in C country, in a similar situation with Yang-soon and Jung-sun. Among these people, thousands of families are living in some regions that NKR is providing ministries.
Most of the NK refugees in a third country are wives and mothers trafficked to the disabled, alcoholics, and the elderly.   
We are raising this fund to send Christmas gifts to those NK refugees’ families in similar regions. It will be delivered in the order of families who are desperately in need.
 Please share the love of Christ with them this winter.

▲Christmas Gift package🎁
[Warm underclothes and innerwear, seasonings, school supplies for children, textbooks, donated new clothes] 
On December 8, 2020, we sent Christmas gifts to more than 30 NK refugee families.
We will continuously deliver Christmas gift packages 🎁for them to spend a warm-hearted Christmas with their family. 
Please join us with your warm helping hand!
Bank: KEB Hana Bank  |   Accnt. No.: 558-910001-44438 | Accnt. Holder:NKR 
SWIFT BIC: KOEXKRSE Bank Branch: Sinjeong-dong Bank Tel: +82-2-2646-1111 
[Last fundraising Report_Su-jung and Chun-hwa's]
We’d like to express our deep gratitude to all of you who praying and making a donation for Ms. Kim and Mrs. Jung. With your warm hearts, we can achieve our fundraising goal ...
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