We need help for Joseph

Sep 18, 2019


Please plant the hope rather than Giving up!👋🌲

Dear Partners,😀
As always, we are grateful for your unwavering support for our missions and your prayers. 
 I sincerely appreciate your continued prayer and support for the NK refugees and the people of North Korea who live in pain. In NRF, we provide scholarships to low-income North Korean refugees to equip them with spirituality and knowledge as global leaders.
I am writing to share a story about 29-years-old NK refugee Joseph Kim, who is NRF's first scholarship student. Joseph Kim used to be a child beggar(Kkot Jae bi) in North Korea and defected in 2006 for his new dream. God gave him a vision to be an expert on HR management so that he could contribute to the North and South enterprises when Korea is unified. 
 80% of tuition and the living expenses for Joseph has been funded by him working part-time jobs, getting a loan from a bank, and scholarship from another church. But still, he needs $6,000 by the end of this month (D-7). Please Pray with us for the funds for Joseph to be raised before the deadline. Also, pray that he can be prepared to be the unification generation of the Korean Peninsula.
Dear partners, your generosity can help  
Joseph's dream comes true
 We pray and bless you to always have the great love and grace of God.
 Kenneth Bae